Meta Board

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of Polaris
Basic Information
Founded 10 Dec 2013
Color Blue
National Statistics
Government Type Noocracy Noocracy
Economy Socialist Socialist
Civilians approx. 2.1 million
Area 20,000 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 100-120 mi² people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name Meta Armed Forces
Nation Rank #963
Score 2,082.00
Infantry 144,000
Tanks N/A
Aircraft 1,170
Ships 125
Spies Classified
Stadium: N/A
Team: Does Not Participate
Win/Loss: 0
National Capital Lambdagrad
Other Cities Kastelgrad, Beatograd, Erikagrad, Virgiliagrad, Dlanorgrad, Chiestergrad, Rengokugrad, Yasugrad, Angegrad

The Meta Board is a Noocratic Superstate in East Asia. It is situated on the Japanese Archipelago and the Korean Peninsula.

It had settled on the Prime Fragment (generally known to its other inhabitants as Orbis) on December 10th after drifting for aeons on the Sea of Fragments in search of entertainment following Lady Lambdadelta's great victory over Featherine Augustus Aurora in the Battle of the Witch Senate.

Deeming life on the Prime Fragment to be too boring for an ageless Voyager Witch, Lambdadelta made the decision on July 2nd, 2014 to return to the Sea of Fragments in search of more entertainment.

The nation reformed in 2015 under Solaris's rule. As of April 2018; Featherine is the current leader of the Meta Board.


  • This is the only nation to ever be in control by two different players. By a Cybernations user named Arrnea between 2013-2014. And a P&W user with the original name of "Solaris" from 2015-onwards.