Meta Armed Forces
Meta Board New Flag
Flag of the Meta Board
Founded 10 December 2013
Current form Reformed
Disbanded 09 July 2014
Service branches Army, Air Force, Navy
Headquarters Chiestergrad, Meta Board
Lady Featherine
Commander Chiester 00
Military age 19
Conscription In national emergency
Available for
military service
1,100,000, age 19-45
Active personnel 250,000
Reserve personnel 350,000
Budget $375,000,000 per annum
Percent of GDP ~5.3%
Domestic suppliers Meta Board Arms Works
Annual imports Aluminum, Munitions
Annual exports Gasoline, Steel, Uranium
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The Meta Armed Forces are the military forces of the Meta Board. Commanded by Chiester 00, they are headquartered in the Meta Boardian city of Chiestergrad and are separated into three branches; the Meta Army, the Meta Air Force and the Meta Navy.

Meta Army

The Meta Army is, by far, the largest of the branches of the Meta Armed Forces. Defending the Meta Board's territory, as well as its allies and interests abroad, it is a well-trained and well-equipped fighting force, boasting large modernised armour divisions and capable of meeting any other in the world on the field of battle and acquitting itself with distinction.

Meta Air Force

The Meta Air Force defends the Meta Board's skies from foreign threats and presently operates the R-19 Ushiromiya multi-role fighter, of which it possesses the ability to build a great many. The R-20 Ushiromiya eventually succeeded the R-19.

Meta Navy

The Meta Navy defends the Meta Board's waters and coastline from foreign threats and presently operates the ZTS-class hybrid attack ship. The first ship of this class, the MBNS Mirage Coordinator came into service on the 1st of March, 2014.

The squadrons of the Meta Navy are as follows:

Mirage Coordinator Squadron (lead squadron)
• World End Dominator Squadron
• Golden Slaughterer Squadron
• Executioner Squadron
• Dream End Discharger Squadron