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This alliance has disbanded as of August 1, 2017. More information is available here.

Mensa HQ

Mensa HQ Flag.jpg
Flag of Mensa HQ

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Basic Details
Founded January 31, 2015
Headquarters Asia
Color Green
Status Defunct
Chairman: Avruch
Vice-Chairman: Buorhann
Intelligentsia: TellUrGrlThx
Intelligentsia: Kemal Ergenekon
Intelligentsia: Blande
Intelligentsia: LordRahl2
As of 22 February, 2017
Total Nations 43
Score 119000+
Average Score 2700+
Alliance Rank 6
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDP Black Knights
MDP Guardian
MDP The Syndicate
MDP Rose

Mensa HQ was a group of likeminded Certified Geniuses, whose aim was to spread their knowledge to the less able-minded. Mensa HQ was founded by Pfeiffer on 31 January 2015, in his pursuit to ensure that the wisdom of the collective would spread across the globe.

Coming from an established community playing the game eRepublik together, Mensa HQ grew quickly, surpassing 60 members in their first fortnight. On August 1, 2017 Mensa announced their disbandment with many of their members joining their long-time ally Guardian.


Mensa HQ is led by Chairman Vanek26. Alongside the Chairman, there are five members of the Intelligentsia who manage the running of the alliance:

Blande: Defence

LordRahl2: Security

Kemal Ergenekon: Economics

TellUrGrlThx: Foreign Affairs

Avruch: Internal Affairs



Mensa HQ was founded on January 31, 2015 by Pfeiffer. The majority of Mensa's user base came from the eUSA's Forums for eRepublik. This mass joining happened after Grant Johnson posted a thread about the game. A few well know people decided to give it a try & it quickly snowballed into a major thing. By the time the alliance reached a week old it was ranked #23 of 82 alliances with 52 member nations.

The Founding of the Intelligentsia

The first Intelligentsia elections are underway, Chairman Pfeiffer will swear them in as soon as elections conclude.

The first government of Mensa HQ consisted of: Vanek26 as Minister of Foreign Affairs, TellUrGrlThx as Minister of Security, Spite as Minister of Defence, Kemal Ergenekon as Minister of Economics, and MMike as Minister of Internal Affairs.

Second Great WarSecond Great War

On August 21, 2015, Mensa HQ launched a preemptive strike against Vanguard, marking the onset of the Second Great War. After a few weeks of fighting, Mensa HQ and its allies secured a victory, after the opposing side surrendered.

General Background

Mensa was a forum community long before it was an alliance on Politics & War. Like all communities it has over time developed its own rules & customs, traditions & expectations. If you wish to understand Mensa, you must first understand our background.

Dio & Dioism

In the beginning there was nothing but sand. Change without evolution, movement without purpose. Then the sand acquired purpose, and that purpose was Dio. When Dio came to the universe, suddenly all matter acquired consciousness, and through his mighty works the world was formed. Dio was pleased, and he took the finest sand and made a country of unparalleled power and majesty, and he called that country Pakistan. And from the sand of Pakistan, Dio created the first Pakistanis, and they fell on their faces and worshipped him.

As time passed, many forgot the teachings of Dio. However the brave and loyal nations of Mensa HQ carry the torch of Dioism through one world to the next, so that Orbis may know his divine blessings.

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