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Mensa-SI War
Better Dead Than Red.jpg
A Mensa HQ war poster
Date 14-15 April 2015
Casus belli Mensa launched randomize raids on SI
Result Mensa Victory; SI disbands
Preceded by
Citadel War
Succeeded by
Arrgh War on Crime
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Mensa HQ
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Socialist International

Mensa HQ Flag.jpg Pfeiffer

Int-big zpsfdb3bb16.png~original.png Hereno

71 nations
24,505.86 score
19 nations
8,175.56 score

The Mensa-SI War was a short-lived conflict between Mensa HQ and Socialist International; it lasted for approximately one day only. A day after peace was declared, the Socialist International announced it would disband with its alliance affiliation being put under the protection of Arrgh, where its former leader Hereno left to.


On 14 April 2015, Hereno approached Pfeiffer about getting reparations for five separate attacks on SI nations that were coordinated by members of Mensa HQ. He claims to have "only asked for the money stolen to be returned to the Socialist International bank, to be handed out to our nations when they have their military forces back up to par after the raids".

Pfeiffer refused, saying that he won't allow Hereno to "personally profit" off of their raids since to him, reparations should be given to nations, not alliances. Pfeiffer also asked if Hereno is scared to attack him. Hereno said that either Mensa will hand the reps over willingly or SI will take it by force.

According to Mensa members, Pfeiffer offered a compromise to settle the situation. Have the nations that were attacked to send him a message and he would personally pay them back. No such individuals came forward instead, Pfeiffer got attacked.


At the start of the war, SI launch multiple attacks on random Mensa's nations (whether they're raiders or not) and does quite a damage until Mensa counter-attack.

SI, being a small alliance as it is, stood little chance against a full-power Mensa, which is in the top 10 alliance list. The war quickly turn one-sided after a while.

There's been retaliation, but some of SI truced out. Mensa sent peace terms to them after the initial strike, basically stating "Offer us peace, don't attack Mensa, don't aid those who refuse peace."......Immediately after this forum post, the higher-up of SI counter attack with missiles.

Eventually, Mensa rolled the remaining SI nations and won the war.


A day after the war was over, SI leader Hereno announced the dissolution of Socialist International. His reasons are:

"With our last two gov members departing to join the rest of the ex-commies from another world, everyone beaten up and nowhere near our warchest requirements, and with myself uninterested in seeing the alliance stagger along and become raider fodder, I decided the best course of action was to just disband."

Arrgh! will be protecting the Socialist International affiliation from raids while everybody leaves, and white peace has been negotiated with Mensa HQ.

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