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Mediterranean Sea Raids
Part of the AlanFall Series
Date August 29, 2021 - September 4, 2021

(Duration: 7 days)

Casus belli

Goons Squad

  • Sanctuary hitting their Offhsore

RIE + Dawn Rising

  • Greene's history of scams, cheating, and poor history especially when 770 was under the name Taith

Black Skies

  • Hits on their allies
Result RIE/GS + allies victory
  • Holy Sea admits defeat
  • Sanctuary is removed from Holy Sea
  • 1 month NAP
Succeeded by
The Chicken Wars

Holy Sea flag.png

Holy Sea

Santuary Flag.png
Sanctuary  Surrendered
LO 770 flag.png
Black Skies.jpg
Black Skies

Goon Squad Flag.jpg
Goon Squad
RIE Flag.png
Rakatan Infinite Empire
Dawn Rising
Wos 6.jpg
Sunray 1-1


Santuary Flag.png Beans  Surrendered
LO 770 flag.png Greene
Black Skies.jpg John Zoidberg

Goon Squad Flag.jpg Xonera
RIE Flag.png MH Speedy
3fd0dd2c45c43454e83c80b6c17b6084e0639086500x28545.png Nancho
3fd0dd2c45c43454e83c80b6c17b6084e0639086500x28545.png Arcturus-Black
Wos 6.jpg Jack Rackham
Wos 6.jpg Anime Guy
Wos 6.jpg Kermit The Frog

Casualties and losses
$6.2b $2.9b

Mediterranean Sea Raids also called AlanFall 4 is a conflict that started when Sanctuary hit Goon Squad's offshore, this caused Goon Squad to retaliate and declare war on Sanctuary. Later on, two alliances by the name of Rakatan Infinite Empire and Dawn Rising hit Sanctuary and their Holy Sea ally 770 for their leader Greene's problematic history. The finally member of Holy Sea, Black Skies, would declare war to defend 770 and Sanctuary. The declaration was rushed due to Black Skies' apparent violation of the peace agreement of the ongoing Error 522 war and so Black Skies' was hit by Nexus prompting them to make the declaration and putting them into two concurrent wars. Between September 2 and 3rd Sunray 1-1 began hitting members of Holy Sea.

Announcements & Events

August 29, 2021

September 1, 2021

  • RIE + DR DoW on 770 + Sanctuary
  • Representatives of Sanctuary join Dawn Rising's Discord server demanding that the blitz stop immediately, as Holy Sea outnumbered the RIE+DR coalition.

September 2, 2021

  • Black Skies DoW
  • Sunray 1-1 begin mass-raids on Holy Sea.
  • Nexus bloc begins raids on Black Skies for breaking the terms of their surrender by militarizing without permission.

September 4, 2021