Hello & welcome to the Politics & War wiki.

Things are kinda of a mess right now. We have recently started a new push to get the wiki into shape. We have recently implemented a new top level category system (the one you use in the top nav box.) This is new so I am still in the process of making sure every page is listed in it. (I'm only on C :( )

As I am going through & doing this, I am also marking pages that are in need of work. You can find these listed in the. Each page has a talk page with a note saying what the page needs done. Feel free to jump in fix a page or two. Many of these pages need only a few minor changes. Also, don't worry about messing something up. Any edit made can be easily undone if needed.

Our current goals are: 1. Get every page listed in the new category system. 2. Get the wiki to a place where we can request aid from volunteer wikia development teams that can help with things us local admins can't fix (See the disaster we call a front page.) 3. Ensure that game mechanics receive through coverage. 4. Raise awareness & participation in the wiki. 5. Most importantly have fun.

On behalf of the admin team, --DrRush12358 (talk) 10:52, March 10, 2015 (UTC)

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