Prime Minister of Northumbria Strong and Stable Leadership in the national interest.
Parliamentary Majority 12/06/2014 - present
General Election 11/06/2014
Preceded By: David Cameron [UK]
Party Green-NNP
current alliance:
United Purple Nations
United Purple Nations Flag

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Leader of Northumbria and UPN,  MP
Position: Prime Minister
Husband Shawn Peter Raul Mendes
Full name: The Rt. Hon. Matt2004 MP PMN
Temple name: Tyneside
Royal House: Mendes
Father: Jeremy Corbyn UKMP
Mother: Caroline Lucas UKMEP
Born: 2000
South Shields
Occupation: Professional Shawn Mendes Stalker
Alignment: Green Politics
Religion: MendesArmy
Signature: Matt2004's signature
Matt2004, the slightly mad Prime Minister, is the leader of Northumbria. He served as the Home Secretary of the United Purple Nations, and currently holds the position of Prime Minister for the alliance.

The Strong and Stable Republic of Northumbria is a nation led by Shawn Mendes and Matt2004 on the continent of Europe. The Strong and Stable Republic of Northumbria's government is a Parliamentary Democracy with left-wing social policies. Economically, The Strong and Stable Republic of Northumbria favours Centre-left policies. The official currency of The Strong and Stable Republic of Northumbria is the Euro. Northumbria is an ancient nation. Northumbria has a population of 3,182,251 and a land area of 26,000.00 sq. miles. Pollution in the nation is non-existent due to the strong and stable leadership of the Green party. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with the Green-NNP alliance winning a clear majority in the commons.

== NECA Commons==

Northumbria uses an Additional Member System (EMS) to elect 100 MPs annually. 51 seats are needed for a majority.

Code Party Seats Leader
PM Prime Minister 1 Matt2004 [GRN]
SPK Speaker - Labour 1 Margaret Beckett
GRN Green-National 69 Caroline Lucas
LAB Labour / Co-Op 20 Jeremy Corbyn
LDM Liberal Democrat 8 Vince Cable
LNY Official Monster Raving Loony 1 Howling Loud Hope
CON Tories / Conservatives 0 Theresa Margaret Maggie Thatcher

Electoral History: Edit

2014 46 25 18 7 3 1 Green-Labour
2015 54 26 15 2 2 1 Green Majority
2016 75 16 8 0 0 1 Green Landslide
2017 73 17 9 1 0 2 Green Landslide
2018 70 20 8 0 1 1 Green Majority
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