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Flag of Mandalore

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Basic Details
Founded 23/05/2020
Status Active
Mand`alor Travatar, AgentCrew
General of Mand`alor Impact&Boar
As of 27/06/2020
Total Nations 12
Score 15,021.82
Average Score 1,251.82
Alliance Rank 83
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
ODoAP Ecotopian Imperial Federation
ODP The United Armies
ODP The Stratosphere
ODP Assyrian Empire
ODP Centrelink AAA
ODP Ragnarok
Protectorate Spartan Republic

Created by 2 experienced members. One from Spartan Republic and the other from Ecotopian Imperial Federation. A few members of Spartan Republic joined the alliance after it was created.

Protected by Spartan Republic.


28/06/20: Aurora preformed a mass raid on Mandalore, claiming Mandalore as an easy raid target.

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