The MF-1 Odachi Class Interceptor is the main single ship of Nihon Imperial Air Force , and is the mainstay starfighter, filling a variety of roles simultaneously.

History Edit

The starfighter was manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in 2043, as a bomber. Later, the ship was modified to fill the need of starfighters in response of attacks by another countries. The starfighter entered its service since late 2044.

Design Edit

Structure Edit

The inside of the Odachi presents a small corridor leading to the rear, stairs, and a higher corridor to the cockpit. In the two corridors, there are several equipment lockers, along with two secondary crew stations. The cockpit consists of two pilots' chairs and two auxiliary crew stations. With a known total crew complement of four, along with the equipment and weapon lockers, the ship presents itself as less of a fighter-bomber and more of a dedicated bomber and close support craft.

Propulsion Edit

The Odachi utilizes two main fusion engines which are discernible on the exterior of the craft. Their precise nature is not known, but they are able to function in space and they are strong enough to reach Earth's escape velocity. They are fueled by conventional fuel. There are multiple RCS points for maneuvering. Like all other engines, the Odachi engine will begin to overheat if pushed beyond the regular usage of the craft. This could include either going too fast, or sustaining high speed for a prolonged amount of time.

Armaments Edit

The Odachi's main weapons are 110mm rotary cannons, as well as 120mm turrets, for dog-fighting enemy fighters in space and are great for strafing ground targets when the need arises. This versatile fighter can be armed with an assortment of secondary weapons systems including Enenra Missiles, bombs, Namazu space mines, Basan missiles, and can even heft a single Kiun-class Nuclear Missile. It can also be remotely piloted, carrying a single Kiun nuclear warhead.

Role Edit

Described as both a fighter and an interceptor, the Odachi is intended to engage enemy fighters, dropships, and even carrier ships that are en route to attack NIAF helicarriers. The Odachi has been seen performing a variety of roles, making for an extremely versatile craft, and is relatively inexpensive to produce.

They can also be used in planetary environments by functioning as fighter-bombers, destroying ground targets from the air, as well as escorting helicarriers.



  • The Odachi was inspired from GA-TL1 Longsword in HALO franchise.
  • The aircraft has adopted VTOL technology;but rarely used.
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