The Molecular Disruption Device, also known as the Molecular Detachment DeviceM.D. Device or Leviathan is a powerful weapon built by the Nihon Imperial Armed Forces. It's under construction and expected to be done in January 2047.

Design and Function Edit

The Molecular Disruption Device utilized two beams, which when fired would meet together to create a field in which electrons could not be shared. The field would spread out in a sphere, but would become weaker the longer it dispersed. If the field came into contact with more molecules, it became more powerful and the dispersal process would start over. After the field died down, the only thing remaining would be a clump of iron molecules.

The Molecular Disruption Device used similar technology to what was used for interstellar travel, called "Strong Force Field Dynamics".

Apparently, the weapon can be set to be "weaker" by using only one controlled beam. This feature is added in order to not to destroy the entire molecules on the planet (which will cause the destruction of the nation itself).

The MDD is planned to be attached in TMSIS Aldebaran II.

History Edit

The Molecular Disruption Device was proposed by the Emperor, and agreed by the Federal Council in 2044.

Trivia Edit

  • The MDD was inspired from the same weapon by the same name in Ender's Game.
  • It is said that the weapon costs about US$10billion.
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