M1 Lawless
M1 Lawless
Type Revolver
Place of origin DC Flag Armed Republic of Dvinmiste Capia
Production history
Designer Anarchy Gun Works
Manufacturer Anarchy Gun Works
Unit cost $500 per unit
Number built 100
Weight 1.9 kg
Length 375 mm
Barrel length 190 mm

Cartridge 6 bullets
Cartridge weight 335 g full
Caliber .44 ball
Action Single-action
Muzzle velocity 850–1,100 feet per second depending on powder/projectile
Effective range 80 yards
Feed system Six-round cylinder
The M1 Lawless is a limited edition cap & ball .44 caliber revolver, designed by Anarchy as a celebration for the resounding success of the Mammoth Assault Tanks, only 100 units were made, Zenya and Anarchy have one and the rest was distributed through a draw.


The M1 Lawless has a unique assortment of attachments, due to its revolver nature. The optical attachments aren't immediately necessary, but can be useful in order to give the user a zoom advantage or extra clarity.

  • The Laser Sight is largely unnecessary, as the M1 Lawless already has an extremely tight hip-fire cone to begin with.
  • Akimbo is a great attachment for the M1 Lawless, as it retains its great hip-fire cone. This makes the M1 Lawless' hip-fire performance double, and is accurate enough to be used up to medium range.
  • The Tactical Knife can be a very useful attachment if a user is forced to reload in heated combat, as it can help in getting a stab on the enemy.
  • Advanced Rifling increases the shoot range. This attachment is extremely useful in order to get the maximum potential.
  • Quickdraw Grip is a very useful attachment in order to swiftly aim the M1 Lawless when necessary. This can put gunfights in favor of the user with relative ease.

In conclusion, the M1 Lawless is an extremely potent weapon that can easily pick off stray enemies. In one-on-one situations, the M1 Lawless can easily win a gunfight for a user. However, its small six-shooter magazine make the M1 Lawless a terrible weapon to rely upon for serial engagements, as the user is near-guaranteed to be forced into a reload and have their life jeopardized.

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