M-96 Mattock
M-96 Mattock
Type Assault Rifle
Place of origin DC Flag Armed Republic of Dvinmiste Capia
Service history
In service 2029-Present
Used by Dvinmiste Capia Army
Production history
Designer Anarchy Gun Works
Manufacturer Anarchy Gun Works
Unit cost $1250 per unit
Weight 2.89 kg (unloaded)

3.40 kg (loaded)

Length 87 cm

Cartridge 16-round detachable box magazine
Cartridge weight 96 g empty

335 g full

Caliber 5.56×45mm
Action Semi-automatic
Rate of fire 750 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity 960 m/s
Effective range 750 m
Maximum range 1000 m
Sights Iron sights or various optics
The M-96 Mattock is an assault rifle designed and manufactured by Anarchy Gun Works.

The Mattock is a semi-automatic hybrid weapon with an assault rifle's low heat production and a sniper rifle's punch, functioning as a high accuracy semi-automatic designated marksman rifle with a smaller ammo reserve. Though it does not have a sniper rifle's precision scope, marksmen favor its increased power over that of an assault rifle to bring down hardened targets. Its lack of a full-auto setting is advertised as a feature rather than a shortcoming since it curbs a soldier's tendency to spray inaccurate fire under stress.


  • The Mattock's main advantage is its highly accurate and damaging semi-automatic fire, making it very useful for pinpoint (headshot) shooting at medium to long range where it can neutralize most enemies with less than one clip. When equipped with a scope, it is versatile enough to serve as a main or even sole weapon under almost any circumstances.
  • Although the Mattock is a semi-automatic rifle, it has very little delay between shots, allowing it to be fired almost as quickly as the user can pull the trigger.
  • A squad of close-range enemies can cause real problems due to its low capacity and its semi-automatic nature. Thus it is advisable to carry an alternative weapon such as a submachine gun to keep the low weight and offset your close-range shortcomings.
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