M-11 Suppressor
M-11 Suppressor
Type Bolt action suppressed pistol
Place of origin DC Flag Armed Republic of Dvinmiste Capia
Service history
In service 2029-Present
Used by Capian Secret Police

Special Operations

Production history
Designer Anarchy Gun Works
Manufacturer Anarchy Gun Works
Unit cost $1375 per unit
Weight 1.0kg (empty)

1.5kg (loaded)

Length 300 mm
Barrel length 95mm

Cartridge 8-Rounds detachable box magazine
Caliber 9x19mm Parabellum
Action Single action
Effective range 22.86 meters
Feed system 8-round box magazine
The M-11 Suppressor is the product of the Anarchy Gun Works that developed an infiltration weapon to be used in close-quarters situations where silence is key. The Suppressor features a built-in integral sound moderator that reduces noise and muzzle flash, is an extremely quiet gun. Civilian variants of the weapon are considered illegal.


The Welrod takes the form of a 1.25-inch-diameter (32 mm) cylinder, about 12 inches (300 mm) long. The rear of the cylinder contains the bolt, the middle the ported barrel and expansion chamber of the suppressor, and the front the baffles and wipes of the suppressor. There is a knurled knob at the rear that serves as the bolt handle, and the magazine is also the grip. Removing the magazine/grip makes the weapon easier to conceal.

The Suppressor is provided with sights marked with fluorescent paint for use in low light conditions. Although it has a maximum suggested range of 25 yards (22.86 meters) it was intended for use far closer—up to point-blank range. The muzzle end of the gun is cut away so that it can be fired in direct contact with the target. This reduces the sound levels even further and removes the chance of missing.

The ported barrel of the Suppressor serves two purposes: it releases the powder gases gradually into the rear of the suppressor, reducing the sound of firing, and it reduces the velocity of the bullet to subsonic speeds (especially important since the standard 9 mm loading is supersonic). The baffles and wipes that follow the barrel serve to further slow the gases of firing, releasing them over a longer period of time and avoiding the sharp explosion that occurs when high pressure powder gases are suddenly released to the atmosphere.

The Suppressor uses a bolt-action design because it is simple, reliable and quiet. The bolt-action has only the noise of the firing pin hitting the primer, and the bolt can be cycled quietly.


The pistol is manually operated using a rotary bolt, locking with two lugs. Loading is performed with a pull/push action using the round knurled knob to the rear of the weapon. The trigger is single stage with a simple safety at the back of the magazine housing. The detachable single stack magazine contains eight rounds and serves as a pistol grip with the bottom part enclosed into the plastic cover.

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