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Lunar Communist War
Date 14-16 Oct 2016
Casus belli GCB raids on Blue Moon
Result Blue Moon - GCB Non Aggression Pact signed
Preceded by
War of Recognitions
Succeeded by
Valkyrie Treasure War
Blue Moon Flag.png
Blue Moon

Arrgh Flag.png

Soviet Union Flag.png
Global Communist Bloc

Blue Moon Flag.png Gentlemen Jack

Soviet Union Flag.png Victorio Agila

32 nations
17,892.51 score
30 nations
5,136.78 score

The Lunar Communist War was a small conflict that broke out on October 15, 2016 when Blue Moon declared war on the Global Communist Bloc in retaliation for raids on Blue Moon members. A ceasefire and Non Aggression Pact was announced on October 16 between the two alliances.


By the conclusion of the war Blue Moon had launched 13 wars on GCB while GCB had retaliated with 9 wars against Blue Moon nations. Two Arrgh! nations also declared on two GCB nations in support of Blue Moon due to a protection contract between the two alliances.

Peace has been reached following GentlemenJack's message to Victorio Agila, which stated: "im calling for a cease fire , this war has had no clear winner an im getting impatient and pissed off . so with your cooperation i would like your bros to offer peace to all blue moon nations , and all blue moon nations to offer peace to you as well."

Because of this conclusion, no one truly lost the war except for perhaps Arrgh!, whose nation members suffered heavy casualties.

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