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Let's Be Drinking Buddies!

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Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: November 14, 2019
Treaty Terminated: February 5, 2020
Treaty Status: Defunct

Let's Be Drinking Buddies! is a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact signed between GOONS, New Pacific Order, and Polaris on November 14, 2019.

Article I

Let's face it: We've all had our fair share of drunken ramblings. Friendly drunken ramblings are encouraged. However, regardless of why, the GOONS, NPO, and NpO agree that under no circumstances will they club one another over the head with a beer or whiskey bottle. That's just outright not nice. Have you ever been hit with a bottle? That stuff hurts. Should a member of either alliance take it upon himself to do some clubbing of the other alliance, the alliance leaders are expected to take the others out for more drinks to make up for the hostility. What goes on in the pub stays in the pub.

Article II

While drunkenness may heighten one's paranoia, none of the alliances outlined above are permitted to engage in active espionage against the others. They also will not knowingly aid another's spying on anyone outlined in this doctrine. Active espionage will render this agreement null and void, and cause us to lose a drinking buddy or two, and none of us really want that.

Article III

If, for some reason, any of the parties outlined in this agreement should happen to get in a bar fight, the other alliance(s) must decide to help their drinking buddy, either physically or financially. Have you ever seen one of your friends try to fight while drunk? It's not pretty. You gotta get more people in on that to give them a fair shot. Additionally, should anyone else decide to hit on YOUR girlfriend while you're drunk, and you wanna fight 'em, the other alliances in this doctrine must help you out. Gotta defend her honor and such.

Article IV

If any of the parties wish to stop being drinking buddies, there must be 5 last nights to go out and get completely plastered.


Signed for GOONS

Do Not Fear Jazz
El Presidente La Langosta
Blockade Runner
Shark Man the Second
Eater of Monitors
Healer of Spines
Fearless of Jazz
Conqueror of the Arrgh Lands in General and the Big Blue House in Particular
Also Hello

Signed for New Pacific Order

Roquentin - Emperor
Keshav - Lord Commander

Signed for Polaris

AlmightyGrub - Emperor
WSxPhoenix - Regent
Dr Trouble 3 - Minister of Truth