Legions of Venice

Sere Flag 2
Flag of Legions of Venice

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Basic Details
Founded 20th July 2019
Headquarters Europe
Color Brown
Status Active
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Doge BowShot118 [Toerana]
Regent of Foreign Affairs John Taylor [United States of Primus]
Regent of Military Command John Taylor [United States of Primus]
Regent of Economic Affairs Namukara [Isturin]
Regent of Internal Affairs BowShot118 [Toerana]
Minister of Foreign Affairs Yato [demonopolis]
Minister of Military Command Vacant
Minister of Economic Affairs Vacant
Minister of Internal Affairs Vacant
Total Nations 11
Score 16,417.03
Average Score 1,492.46
Alliance Rank 76
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
MDoAP Deathly Hallows
ODaOP The Originals
ODoAP Schrute Farms
Protectorate Pantheon
Protectorate Fark

The Legions of Venice is the refounded form of the alliance of Serenissima after their Doge went inactive without explanation for a prolonged period of time.

Internal Politics Edit

The Legions of Venice differs from Serenissima is many ways, such as the Doge's government is made up of multiple Regents (Heirs) as well as their Deputies, whom are the Ministers.

No. Doge Name Nation Reign
1. Morgan V Kattegat 2nd June 2019 - 20th July 2019
2. BowShot118 Toerana 20th July 2019 - Incumbent
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