Lee Siyeon (이시연 Lee Siyeon), also known as Darkfox, is an Amenrian superheroine/superspy in the Politics & War Roleplay Universe. She is the leader of Nine Tails, an all-female team of Amenrian metahumans. Her partner is Anastasya Novoluniye.

Background Edit

Like most non-human sentients, she spent her early years hiding amongst humans and staying away from population in general by living in the outskirts of town, at least until she becomes an adult. At the age of 20, she became a model in Seoul, becoming more rich and famous over time. When WWIII broke out, she fought independently to survive along with some other non-human sentients until Cheonsa recruited her to HALO.

Appearance Edit

Siyeon is a tall, slim, Asian woman with long, straight, black hair with a fringe covering her forehead. She is usually seen wearing black and a pair of high heels.

Personality Edit

While usually a cold, professional and level-headed person, Siyeon is a fun-loving and flirty person outside of the battlefield. She is easily annoyed, especially when her comrades act unprofessional and call her by her real name during missions.

Powers and abilities Edit

She has the powers and abilities of a standard werefox, including:

Werefox form Edit

Her main set of powers is transformation into her true form.

One tail Edit

The first stage of every werefox transformation, this stage gives he enhanced speed, durability and strength, as well as fangs and small claws.

Four tails Edit

This stage makes her claws longer, further enhances her speed and strength, gives her enhanced reflexes and grants her pyrokinesis. Her nose and ears become those of a fox, thus enhancing her senses as well.

Seven tails Edit

Further increasing her already incredible physical abilities and mana, this form gives her the head and fur of a werefox and makes her taller and more muscular.

Nine Tails Edit

The peak of every werefox transformation, this final stage unlocks the full potential of the individual, which is still unknown in Siyeon's case.

Fox form Edit

Siyeon can transform into a regular fox, like any other werefox.

Immunity to diseases Edit

Longevity Edit

Like other terianthropes such as vampires and werewolves, Siyeon has a longer lifespan than the average human, thus remaining at peak physical condition in her age.

Manipulation Edit

Siyeon is able to easily manipulate most sentients with her beauty and speech.

Enhanced Intelligence Edit

Siyeon is a highly-intelligent individual who is familiar with many tactics.

Quotes Edit

 If you promise to give my people the rights they deserve, then I'll promise to give you my strength. 
(Siyeon's Pledge of Allegiance)
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