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Basic Details
Founded 05/04/2019
Color aqua
Status Active
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President Theo
Premier Jasiri
Minister of Finance King Giovanni I
Minister of Defence Marco Ottavio
Minister of Foreign Affairs Vacant
Minister of Internal Affairs Vacant
Recruiter Xakoe Hilo
Welcomer Neo Vesonius
As of 1/10/2019
Total Nations 19
Score 13,501.39
Average Score 710.60
Alliance Rank 80
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate Golden Phoenix Coalition (4th)
ODoAP The Global Union
ODoAP United States of America
NAP Order of the Fallen Angels

League of Democratic Nations is an aqua alliance led by Theo of Werren.



First LoDN Edit

The First LoDN was formed during mid to late 2016 by Theo(Current President of LoDN), LoDN after a few days had 5, low score members. LoDN grew slowly from this point, having less then $3 million jn the bank, very resources and constantly being raided causing multiple problems. Due to these problems LoDNs membership become inactive over time with only 4 active members.


Election of John Warran

On the 6/6/2017 John Warran announced that he would be running for President, he won the election with 1 vote for Theo and 2 votes for John Warran.

When John Warran was LoDNs membership grow greatly, with over a dozen new members joining. Many of these though were low score nations and new, during this time in an attempt to counter the raids John Warrans Government began a grant program for dockyards, despite the efforts of John Warran though the program did little to counter the constant raiding.

During August John Warran would attempt to merge with a forgotten alliance. The anti merge efforts were lead by Theo, merge was opposed by a majoirty of the alliance and did not pass. The unknown alliance would retract the offer of the merge due to infighting in LoDN and John Warran would resign shortly after calling an election

Theo's Second Presidency

After the resignation of John Warran and the call of new elections Theo was able to win the elections with a large majority of of 11 votes compared to John Warren's 1 vote. During this time LoDN would undergo Vice Presidential Elections(these would be discontinued later on) and John Warran would run this time, scoring 3 votes compared to 10 for Benjamin Franklin

In response to the raids a State of Emergency and Martial Law were declared, with taxes raised to 15% both Monterrey and resource, thanks to a wave of grants the raids were stopped temporarily but they would continue to be a constant threat to LoDN.

During this Term LoDNs growth began to increase with the alliance reaching 23 members and with a average member score of 300(compared to 200 that it was in the past). This growth would continue but would eventually slow down due to the return of raids.

LoDNs was stable for a large period of time, John Warran became Minister for Foreign Affairs and thanks to the lack of any opposition figures there was very little infighting, this time of stability did not last as growth began to slow down infighting occurred in the government but this was largely kept private.

Election of Grant Goodyear

With the slowing down of growth, return of raids and lack of inaction due to government infighting Grant Goodyear announced that he would be running for President, during this time John Warran left the government and announced that he would be running for President, during this time there was a large amount of debate over how the elections should work(as in what system we should use), even as the election grow closer there was still a large amount of debate over the elections, Theo announced that the election would be delayed until a agreement could be reached, John Warran and Goodyear greatly opposed this along with a large portion of the government and Theo was forced to resign.

As the election occurred there was a massive amount of fraud, with the vote count exceeding the active member count in just a day. The final vote count was 50% Grant Goodyear, 25% Theo and 12.5% John Warran and 12.5% Ivan. Despite the fact that no candidate won a majority Grant Goodyear was declared leader and became President.

When Grant Goodyear became leader there was a large degree of tax cuts, during this time though there was little investment in grants and the alliances growth slowly became stagnant. Grant Goodyear slowly began to become unpopular, with a poll stating 40% Disapproval, 30% Approval and 30% Neutral. Grant Goodyear attempted to counter against the raids by organising a defence program, the defence program would group members up and they would defend each other, there was little incentive though for those to sign up for the program instead punishing members who did not sign up with tax increases, the opposition which by now had formed a United Front against Grant was against it. The Defence program became law, despite efforts by the Leader of the United Front Theo to organise a compromise by going directly to the defence minister, a draft agreement was made but the Defence Minister left P&W before it could be shown to the alliance and grant.

As LoDN's score became stagnant and raids began to increase there was calls for an early election, the calls were ignored by Grant who said that the election date would not change. As the elections grew nearer a merge with the alliance Ragnarok was proposed, the merge at first was unpopular but it quickly became supported by a majority of the alliance members, the main problem was the belief that LoDN would become "enslaved" by Ragnarok, both ROK and Grant denied that this would happen.

During this time the United Front collapsed, with John Warran becoming inactive and Ivan leaving the United Front due to his support of the merge while Theo was against it. As the election loomed near only 2 people were against the merge compared to 9 in support of it, despite the support for the merge and Theo's opposition to it polls still showed Theo ahead in the election by 10%. A date for the merge was agreed upon during this time but the date was before the elections occurred, this was highly controversial with many in support of the merge against it.

The United Front would fully collapse around 30/10/2017 when Theo left the alliance in protest, after he lefted he messaged Ivan and requested that he mass message a speech to the alliance for him, Ivan agreed and the speech was mass messaged. In response to the speech at least 12 members would join Theo in leaving the alliance, many though would not return. Theo eventually rejoined LoDN in a last ditch attempt to prevent the merge, despite this the merge went ahead.

Those who did not wish to merge, only Theo and a member named Sergei would be left in LoDN under the leadership of a "Governor" appointed by Grant named Otto, The tax rate was 50% for those who were left in LoDN with Otto being exempt, Otto proved to be high unpopular with the Theo and Sergei and they would attempt to vote him out, petition him out and even a feeble attempt to get the support of ROK to remove Otto from Governorship.

The Merge would go on longer then expected, ending in January of 2018 despite ROK hoping to have the merge finished by Christmas. ROK would invest over $50 million into LoDN but they got little in return, Grant Goodyear had promised to deliver reform to LoDN's Political System but this never occurred, Grant Goodyear eventually went inactive and an election was called, Theo won with a large majority and returned to lead a "reformed" LoDN. Theo would attempt to fulfil Grants promise to ROK of reform and reformed the government and established a system for elections.

Second LoDN Edit

The Second LoDN was short lived and formed after the merge with ROK, they had more money then had been in the past before and found evidence of Grant Goodyear and Otto being involded in corruption and "following orders" from someone outside of the alliance, but due to them both being inactive they were not able to be held on trial.

The Second LoDN had no infighting but had little membership, during this short time though LoDN had very little problem with raiders.

The Second LoDN was eventually dissolved by Theo and the members went there separate ways.

Third LoDN Edit

Very little in remembered about the Third LoDN, it had little problem with raids but had a big problem with government infighting. It is unknown if it had problems with raiding and it collapsed due to the resignation of Theo due to infighting.

Forth LoDN Edit

The Forth LoDN is the current formation of LoDN, it currently has LoDNs highest score, member count and average score, the current LoDN is not plagued with infighting or with uncontrollable raids. The current LoDN is lead by the original Founder of LoDN Theo, who was in it formation of LoDN and who also wrote this article!


President = Theo 
Premier = Jasiri 
Minister of Finance = King Giovanni I 
Minister of Defence = Marco Ottavio 
Minister of Foreign Affairs =  Vacant
Minister of Internal Affairs = Vacant
Recruiter = Xakoe Hilo
Welcomer = Neo Vesonius

1st 2019 ElectionEdit

The 1st 2019 Election began on the 26th of September and is currently ongoing. The official campaigning period ended on the 29th of September with voting began immediately afterwards. The voting was planned to last 3 days but it was cancelled near the end of the 1st day due to more votes then possible. Another vote was called on the 30th of September lasting for 3 days. The results are shown below.

Candidate Percentage of Vote
Theo 71.4%
Broseph Stalin 14.3%
Kirill Sharapov 14.3%
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