This alliance or a majority of its members reformed it as Duat on June 26, 2017.

Land of Confusion

Land of Confusion Flag
Flag of Land of Confusion

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Basic Details
Founded 26 October 2014
Headquarters Europe
Color Black
Status Defunct
Head Shepherd: Grealind
Associate Head Shepherd: Blusalomi
Bookie: Robert Ap Ioan
As of 23 May, 2017
Total Nations 11
Score 25,779.00
Average Score 2,343.55
Alliance Rank 44
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Active Treaties

The Land of Confusion (LoC) was a top 50 alliance, boasting the 16th highest Average Nation Score out of all the alliances, all while having the fifth lowest member count of any of the top 50 alliances. Rooted in the belief that close personal friendships and a tight-knit community trumps scores, the Confused Ones are a tightly knit band of brethren who’ve gone through so much together, we can’t help but have each others’ backs.

We don't recruit in the traditional sense: our flock finds us and they feel welcomed, and stay! When the wolves prowl at our doors, that's when the Shepherds come out to play. The Land of Confusion was founded under the name Celestial Union​ on October 26, 2014 before undergoing a rebranding to the Cobalt Clique on July 29, 2015, and finally arriving at the current name, Land of Confusion on May 7, 2016.

Recruiting BoilerplateEdit

If you want to be a pixel hugger that can fight hardcore, when needed, this might just be the alliance for you. We don't like inactive members and have a "purple and out policy", to get the most out of our alliance we hope all members will join us in our Discord, as most alliance business and socialising takes place there. This makes coordinating much simpler.

​Foreign Affairs, Treaties, and Public RelationsEdit

We’re always open to working with other alliances, although we aren’t looking to sign any pieces of paper. The concept of paperless really appeals to us. We’ve developed and fostered some amazing relationships over the course of our time, and to force them onto paper would only serve to cheapen those friendships. Since there are rather unscrupulous asshats roaming the planet, we have a formalized relationship with our good friends in the Viridian Entente.

Unofficial Alliance DescriptionEdit

If you thought Cobalt was Cliquey, you ain't seen nothing yet. Entry into LoC is primarily achieved by a mixture of Nepotism, Mystery and Intrigue. As an alliance we are 99% active at any given time, with real life conversations going on in the background.

As a small alliance we can react to wars fairly quickly and will protect our comrades at the drop of a hat.

Leaders of the Alliance Edit

Communication Links Edit


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