Lambdagrad, a sparkling gem of the Asian Continent. Full of people who are living their lives under the lifestyle of the finest technology available to them. 
(Solaris on Lambdagrad)
Meta Board New Flag
Vital statistics
Type Metropolis
Level 2,700.00
Location Meta Board
Inhabitants 302,850

Lambdagrad is the capital of Meta Board. It is the largest Metropolitan Area in the nation surpassing Hiroshigrad and the Most populous city in the Meta Board with a population of 302.8 Thousand. The city has 56 districts and it shares the most seats in the Government.


The city was founded in December 2013 A.D. as the capital of the Meta Board ruled by Lambdadelta. The city was vacated in July 2014 following the The Fall of the Meta Board event which left the country's foundation abandoned. Her successor in politics, Solaris reclaimed the land and repopulated the City after a Government Merge of the remnants of the Meta Board. A funded project to restore the city was successful and Lambdagrad surpassed Hiroshigrad as the largest City in the Republic.

Notable Changes

  • Tanashi Avenue has been rerouted to go across the foundation of the Konpeitō Palace. The road eventually merges with the Route 19 Intercity Speedway
  • A 12-laned superhighway known as the Intercity Speedway was constructed as a quick access to parts of the city
  • The city's infrastructure system is controlled by an Artificial Intelligence System


  • This is the birthplace of Solaris
  • This is the first city to be a major city of two different countries.
  • The location of the city is situated on the foundation of the real world city of Marugame in the Kagawa Prefecture of Japan.
  • The city is named after Lambdadelta the first official ruler of it's respective country.
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