Witch of Certainty
Lady Lambdadelta
Lambdadelta as she appears in 2016
Reign: 5 Oct 27 BMR - Present
Arrival: 10 Dec 1 MR
Mistress: Bernkastel, Witch of Miracles
Children: Solaris
Born: Unknown date, somewhere on the Sea of Fragments
Occupation: Witch of Certainty
Alignment: Evil
Religion: Trolling
Signature: LambdaSig.png

Lambdadelta (ラムダデルタ Ramudaderuta) is the Witch of Certainty and, while it resided on the Prime Fragment, was the first ruler of the Meta Board.

After her defeat of Featherine Augustus Aurora in the Battle of the Witch Senate, the people of the Meta Board went adrift on the Sea of Fragments under her leadership in search of new entertainment. Some twenty-seven years later, they found it, settling in to form a nation on the world of Orbis, which is referred to by Meta Boardians as the Prime Fragment.

Lambdadelta reigned over the Meta Board with a benevolent iron fist, ensuring that her friends and subjects could enjoy their lives to the fullest. Her subjects were generally able to take care of themselves, so she mostly sat in her palace eating candy and drinking tea with her mistress, Bernkastel, the Witch of Miracles. Occasionally, she would entertain guests such as Beatrice, Virgilia, Gaap or Ronove. Such occasions were generally considered a party by Meta Boardian standards.

In addition, Lambdadelta led the Meta Board into affiliation with the neutral association of nations known as the Green Protection Agency and, from the 16th of December 1 MR to the 2nd of July 2 MR, served as one of that organisation's three Agency Councillors.

After she deemed there to be insufficient entertainment on the Prime Fragment for an ageless Voyager Witch, Lambdadelta enchanted the Konpeitō Palace, granting it the power of flight and, taking all the citizens of the Meta Board into the great citadel, took off into the sky and departed for the Sea of Fragments, dissolving all that was left behind into the mists of nothingness.

After departing, Lambdadelta appointed Solaris her successor in all matters relating to the Prime Fragment, deeming her own personal attentions no longer necessary.

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