La Mafia

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Basic Details
Founded 06/02/2018
Headquarters Europe
Color Maroon
Status Defunct
Godfathers TaunTaun, NightKnight
Mafioso of Foreign Relations Novarus
Mafioso of Internal Upkeep Chester
Loan Shark Night
Mafioso of Defense Bmber
Consigliere of Foreign Relations N/A
Consigliere of Internal Upkeep Corve
Consigliere to the Loan Shark Siddharth
Consigliere of Defense Andromeda
As of 10/21/2018
Total Nations 30
Score 41,356.39
Average Score 1,378.55
Alliance Rank #47 of 193 (24.35%)
Active Blocs
Active Treaties
Protectorate The Syndicate
Protectorate OMERTA

La Mafia (MAF), originally founded as Ordo Paradoxia, was a maroon alliance operating out of Europe. It was founded on 6/2/18 as Ordo Paradoxia, due to a merger between DEFCON 1, Frostbite and Western Union. However, owing to leadership disputes, this merger later fell apart.

Ordo Paradoxia reached as high as 14th in the alliance rankings worldwide in this period of tenuous prosperity. However, late June 2018 saw the purge or retirement of several former officials who had allegedly been involved in improper usage of alliance funds. Ordo Paradoxia's number of nations reduced substantially, and a rebrand was felt to be necessary, as leadership changed hands to the current Godfather, TaunTaun. La Mafia was officially rebranded and allies were notified on 31/01/18.


La Mafia is a group of murderers and extortionists, who are the Godfather’s children. In the view of La Mafia organized crime is not just a business, it’s a family with ties stretching far and wide throughout Orbis.

If spotted entering La Mafia's hideout, feds are warned that they will be shot in cold blood.

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