The Libertarian-Socialist Republic of Koronskcha

Soviet Union Flag Flag of The Libertarian-Socialist Republic of Koronskcha

Flag of None
President Ray Mirashavilee
Member of USSR
Basic Information
Founded May 3 2014
Color Red
National Statistics
Government Type Republic Republic
Economy Socialist Socialist
Civilians 22703(As of May 3 2014)
Area 237(As of May 3 2014) mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 84(As of May 3 2014) people per mi²
Military Strength
Nation Rank 718(As of May 3 2014)
Score 12(As of May 3 2014)
Infantry 1000(As of May 3 2014)
Tanks 0
Aircraft 0
Ships 0
Nuclear Warheads 0
National Capital Franschia

Koronskcha is a nation led by President Ray Mirashavilee on the continent of Asia. Koronskcha's government is a Republic with a Socialist economy. At 0 days old, Koronskcha is a brand new nation. Koronskcha has a population of 22,703 and a land area of 270 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 84.08.

The Libertarian-Socialist Republic of Koronskcha(simply known as Koronskcha) [pronounced as Korons-cha with silent 'K'] is a socialist state located at the Eurasian part of the earth.It is a member of the Soviet Union(USSR) and is a new nation formed after the Franschian Socialist Revolution.

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