Konpeitō Palace
金平糖城 (Konpeitō-jō)
The Konpeitō Palace in Lambdagrad
TypeImperial Palace
AddressSea of Fragments
Formerly: 34 Tanashi Avenue, Lambdagrad, Meta Board
Current tenantsLambdadelta
Started6 October 12 BMR
Completed30 June 1 MR
Inaugurated10 December 1 MR
Height340 metres
Cost10 metric tons of gold
Design team
ArchitectOkonogi Tetsurō
Architecture FirmOkonogi Architectural Design Company

The Konpeitō Palace is a massive palace that once stood in the centre of Lambdagrad, the capital city of the Meta Board. It is the official residence of the Witch of Certainty, Lambdadelta.

Construction began the day after the fifteenth anniversary of Lambdadelta's great victory in the Battle of the Witch Senate, with many veterans of that battle in attendance for the celebrations. After many delays, construction was finally completed over twelve years later, on 30 June 1 MR.

After Lambdadelta decided to depart from the Prime Fragment, the palace was given the power to fly through Lambdadelta's great powers of magic and, after all the residents of the Meta Board came aboard, the great citadel took off into the sky before opening a portal to the Sea of Fragments and disappearing from the Prime Fragment forever.

Later, a replica of the palace was built in the nation of Rokkenjima under the supervision of Erika Furudo.

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