Kompletny Baa-ism is a branch of Baa-ism.



Kompletny Baa-ists worship not only the Great Sheep, but all sheep. They tend and care for sheep dearly, and even have hospitals for sheep. Sheep raised by Kompletny Baa-ists usually live over 30 years, largely exceeding the normal sheep lifespan of 12-10 years.

Wool HarvestEdit

Every wool harvest, Kompletny Baa-ists harvest wool carefully from sheep.


Kapazhuslz are wool hats made by Kompletny woolsmiths. They signify the 


A Kapazhuslz

Great Sheep above the people. All Kompletny Baa-ists wear them, except for infants and toddlers. 

Baa-ist Reformed Church Edit

The Baa-ist Reformed Church is the official Church of Kompletny Baa-ism

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