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Part of the Great Wars
Date October 19, 2018 - February 1, 2019
Casus belli

Various claims by various alliances, official and unofficial reasons include:

  • Suppression of TKR-Sphere's upper tier consolidation
  • TKR/TCW positioning against The Syndicate
  • TKR-Spheres history of dog-piling perceived threats
  • Desire to remove TKR from being the number 1 alliance
  • The suppression of Confederates in Orbis (UH vs TDU)


Inquisition/Syndicate Victory

Preceded by
Shadow's Rebuild War
Ask Alexio
The Inquisition Flag.png
The Inquisition

Black Knights Flag.png
Black Knights
Guardians of the Galaxy Flag.png
Guardians of the Galaxy

New Pacific Order War Flag.png
New Pacific Order

The Covenant Badge.jpg
The Covenant

Acadia Flag 2.jpg

United Purple Nations Flag.png
United Purple Nations

The Syndicate Flag.jpg
The Syndicate
Rose Flag.jpg
House Stark Second Flag.jpg
House Stark
Church of Spaceology Flag.jpg
Church of Spaceology
Church of Atom Flag.png
Church of Atom
Terminus Est Flag.png
Terminus Est
Cobra Kai Dojo Flag.png
Cobra Kai Dojo
Horsemen Flag.png
InfoWars Flag.png
Seven Kingdoms Flag.jpeg
Seven Kingdoms
Empyrea Flag.png
Oblivion Flag.png
Pantheon Flag 2.png
Siriusly Smaller.jpg
Typhon Flag.jpg
United Hoods Flag.png
United Hoods
The Federation Surrendered
Fark Flag.jpg
World Task Force Flag.png
World Task Force
Dark Brotherhood Flag.png
Dark Brotherhood
Goon Squad Flag.jpg
Goon Squad
Arrgh Flag.png
Afrika Korps Flag.png
Afrika Korps
Orange Defense Network Flag.png
Orange Defense Network
The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura Flag.jpg
The Empire of The Moonlit Sakura

The Knights Radiant Flag.png
The Knights Radiant
The Commonwealth Flag.png
The Commonwealth
Guardian Flag.jpg
Grumpy Old Bastards Flag.jpg
Grumpy Old Bastards
Tesla Flag.jpg
Nova Riata
Statesmen Flag.png
Silenzio Flag.png
The Dixie Union Flag.png
The Dixie Union
ISTEM Flag.jpg
iSTEM Alliance
San Marino Flag.png
The Fighting Pacifists


Black Knights Flag.png Leo the Great
Guardians of the Galaxy Flag.png Seeker
New Pacific Order War Flag.png Roquentin
Acadia Flag 2.jpg TheNG
Acadia Flag 2.jpg George Clooney
United Purple Nations Flag.png Matt2004
The Syndicate Flag.jpg Partisan
The Syndicate Flag.jpg Timmy
The Syndicate Flag.jpg Leopold von Habsburg
Rose Flag.jpg Dynamic
Rose Flag.jpg DtC Justice
House Stark Second Flag.jpg Zygon
Church of Spaceology Flag.jpg Ripper
Church of Atom Flag.png James II
Terminus Est Flag.png Prefontaine
Cobra Kai Dojo Flag.png Betulius
Horsemen Flag.png Death
Horsemen Flag.png Raoul Duke
InfoWars Flag.png Razgriz24
InfoWars Flag.png Macky g
Seven Kingdoms Flag.jpeg Brooklyn666
Empyrea Flag.png James IV
Empyrea Flag.png The Royalist
Oblivion Flag.png Park
Pantheon Flag 2.png The Emperor
Siriusly Smaller.jpg Fezza
Siriusly Smaller.jpg Fabrezy
Typhon Flag.jpg Zephyr
Typhon Flag.jpg Telly
Typhon Flag.jpg Tymoteusz
GodFuryWar.jpg Richard Payne III
GodFuryWar.jpg Sir Oliver
United Hoods Flag.png Ayo
United Hoods Flag.png Creed Mallory
Camelot2018Flag.png Arthur 1
Camelot2018Flag.png Epimetheus
Federation.png Kosta Surrendered
Fark Flag.jpg souparmon
Fark Flag.jpg Maverick0984
Fark Flag.jpg TumultuousPapaya
World Task Force Flag.png Nintendo
Dark Brotherhood Flag.png Yoda
Dark Brotherhood Flag.png Chezstick
Goon Squad Flag.jpg Xonera
Arrgh Flag.png Boyce the Great
Arrgh Flag.png Bluebear
Afrika Korps Flag.png Avien
Orange Defense Network Flag.png OsRavan
The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura Flag.jpg Ukunaka
The Empire of the Moonlit Sakura Flag.jpg The Red Wolf

The Knights Radiant Flag.png Adrienne
Guardian Flag.jpg Memph
Guardian Flag.jpg synthesis
Guardian Flag.jpg JtTeE
Guardian Flag.jpg Grim
The Commonwealth Flag.png Yui
The Commonwealth Flag.png Felkey
Grumpy Old Bastards Flag.jpg SRD
Tesla Flag.jpg Hubotz
NovaRiataFlag.jpg Pooball
Statesmen Flag.png El Commander
Statesmen Flag.png Boss Baby
Silenzio Flag.png LordStrum
The Dixie Union Flag.png Dark
ISTEM Flag.jpg Lum
San Marino Flag.png Quichwe10

3,634,878.42 Score
1687 Nations
1,597,163.23 Score
562 Nations
Casualties and losses
465 Billion Dollars
563 Billion Dollars
  • Damage totals include units, infrastructure, loot lost and resources used.

Knightfall was a global conflict that broke out on October 19th, 2018 with war declarations by The InquisitionAcadiaThe Syndicate, Rose, House Stark, Church of Spaceology, Church of AtomTerminus Est, Cobra Kai Dojo and Horsemen against The Knights Radiant, The Commonwealth, Guardian, and Grumpy Old Bastards. The war was the largest ever fought at the time, surpassing the Silent War with 42 belligerent alliances and 2,249 nations involved. The war also dwarfs all other global wars' damage dealt with a combined damage totaling approximately 1 trillion dollars. Lasting 105 days, the war was also the longest war in Orbis history, surpassing Dance Dance Revolution's previous record of 69 days. In turn, however, this war would be surpassed in all of these metrics by NPO's Last Time. Peace was achieved on February 1, 2019 with TKR-sphere surrendering to the SyndIQ coalition.

Announcements and Events

October 19, 2018:

October 20, 2018:

October 21, 2018:

October 22, 2018:

October 25, 2018:

  • The Black Knights attack Tesla

October 28, 2018:

November 1, 2018:

November 2, 2018:

November 3, 2018:

November 11, 2018:

December 1, 2018:

December 30, 2018:

January 30, 2019

February 1, 2019

February 2, 2019

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