John iii Sobieskii is the leader of Kitov, or 'Kit' as called by peers. The nation began in the Center of Offbeat Powers (CoOP) before becoming a founding member of Unfogiven Legion (UL) and was the leader of Intergalactic Space Federation (ISF) untill 1/4/2020 when Kitov became a Service Coordinator in the alliance Aurora (AUR)

The Empire of Kitov as it is formally known has had its fair share of bloodshed. It had led the Millitaty affairs of both UL and ISF and even became acting leader of UL during the Great Leak War and is now the MA Service Coordinator of AUR.

Kitov also did many FA missions when part of both UL and ISF often to work on military events and treaties.


- John iii Sobieskii o7
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