OxVrCki converted Flag of Kirkishvire

Emperor Alataq
Triumvir of The Light Federation
Basic Information
Founded 11/29/2014
Color Yellow
National Statistics
Government Type Democracy Democracy
Social Policies Moderate Moderate
Economic Policies Far Left Far Left
Economy Capitalist Capitalist
Pollution 0
Currency Dong
GDP $15,919,561,661.84
Civilians 4,429,776
Area 40,000 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 110.74 people per mi²
Military Strength
Military name Gods
Nation Rank #78
Score 3,195.50
Infantry 201,000
Tanks 6,500
Aircraft 1440
Ships 25
Spies  :)
Missiles 0
Nuclear Warheads 6
Stadium: The Kirkishvire Montemont Stadium
Team: Gods
Win/Loss: 9/17
Investment $3,644,251
National Capital Sandopolis
Other Cities Orbush, Valvale, Bydell, Lorlake, Loredge, Bellford, Aldmarsh, Doracre, Bluelyn, Faymoor, Wintermerrow, Mormead, Westerhall, Violetford, Pryham

A New Nation is Formed Edit

In late September of 1986, the new nation of Kirkishvire was founded. The nation of Kirkishvire was set up on the edge of Greenland. When Kirkishvire was first founded, it was decided to be a democracy, however it was later changed to a mighty empire. The first leader of Kirkishvire was not Alataq, but in fact a different leader.

Some Rough Times Edit

During the first few months of Kirkishvire's existence in Orbis, the nation went through some terrible times. Under the first leader's rule, the nation was constantly getting attacked, and was forced to give up their national resources often. To add to this hardship of being destroyed, the leader of Kirkishvire was taxing the citizens at a very high amount. It was time for a change.

Rebellion Edit

November, 1987 Edit

It was November, 1987 when the people of Kirkishvire decided that it was time for a leader change. The people of Kirkishvire had come to realize that the current leader at the time was unfit to rule the nation of Kirkishvire and that he must be overthrown. In November of 1987, the people of Kirkishvire stormed City Hall and killed any people protecting the leader on their way. The person who led this assault, was none other than the old leader's apprentice, Alataq. After the old leader was brutally stabbed to death in his office by one of his guards, it was determined that Alataq would be the new leader. As the new leader, he determined that Kirkishvire would be a mighty empire rather than a (as he puts it) a "pathetic democracy."

Change In Location Edit

It was March of 1994 when Alataq made the tough decision for Kirkishvire to move to the dry land of Australia. He made this decision so that his people were able to make a profit off of bauxite/aluminum, and lead/munitions. This caused some of the people of Kirkishvire to die in the process of the move. It was a very unfortunate time, but it was at this point when Alataq gave his famous speech.

"In times of suffering, people prosper." ~ Emperor Alataq ~: March, 1994.

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