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The Kingdom of Longstrip is a sovereign state along the coast in the Indian Subcontinent.

Longstrip City, capital of the Kingdom of Longstrip

History and Independence

Tanks during the Second War of Longstripian Independance

First War of Independence

A century ago Longstrip was under a peaceful and generous rule of King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Rehman. Longstrip was prospering smoothly. It was than that a large strong nation called Samgloria declared war and attack Longstrip with the intension to capture it. When the average military of Longstrip faced a far more sophisticated force of Samgloria, it was destroyed almost completely. Longstrip was defeated and now became a colony of Samgloria.

Second War of Independence

A century later, the Governor-General of Longstrip, Taha Ahmed rebelled against the brutal rule of the Emperor. Longstrip had a large force, Samgloria had a far larger one, however Longstrip was far away from Samgloria itself. Since Longstrip was a coastal city, Samgloria's military decided to attack from the sea. Longstripians were prepared from this explosive anti-ship missiles blasted out almost the entire fleet. Fearing further losses Samgloria gave Longstrip independence.

Now no longer a colony, Longstrip became a independent sovereign state under the name Kingdom of Longstrip with Taha Ahmed as King. Longstrip is once more prospering smoothly just like a century ago. This time however there is a larger military to defend against foreign threads.

Post-Independence Wars

Longstip has been involved in a few wars even after it's independence. One of them was a civil war but the other three are against foreign nations. The latter three wars are currently active and in each Longstrip has an upper-hand.

Longstrip Civil War

The Longstrip Civil War is a armed conflict between Longstrip's Government and a union of rebel groups called the Masacrams.


The war took place because somepeople were unhappy with Longstrip's Independence which caused them to rebel.