Kihara Tomoko

Kihara Tomoko

Born Unknown
Title Witch of Madness
Affiliation Witch Council, Witch Senate
Age 10,000+
Height 5'7"

Kihara Tomoko (きはら ともこ Kihara Tomoko) is a member of the Witch Council, the governing body of Rokkenjima.

She has lived for over 10,000 years, and is among the oldest witches in the universe. Kihara is considered the most powerful witch in existence by the Witch Senate. She holds the title of Witch of Madness. Her magic incites the madness deep within one's soul, be they human, witch, angel, demon, vampire, etc. This could, in turn, awaken the evil within someone and/or take complete hold of their soul. Victims of Kihara's magic will always fall into a permanent state of insanity, with most ending their lives being unable to take it. Depending on the strength of the magic, insanity's effects may continue in the afterlife. Kihara holds the rank of Creator, the highest rank there is, and is one of three Creators in the Witch Council.


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