Overview: Edit

The Kiev Type II-class is a Aircraft Carrier class modified from regular Kiev-class Light Carrier. Commissioned in 2027 and 2028, they served in both African and Pacific locations. Acting as the flagships of those fleets, and command

ships for ground forces.

History: Edit

Both ships served in the Soviet Union in the 1970s to the early 1990s, both was soon decommissioned. Serving as museum ships, their equipment began to decay and rust, making them costly to hold.

In 2026, sometime after the Foltest Wars, the two Carriers was aquired by Federation Forces and towed to Sectron Shipyards.

From there, they was heavily altered and changed. Turning them to medium Fleet Carriers. After a year, Kiev was recommissioned as Grand Federation. 2028, Minsk was recommissioned as New State.

Once completed, both ships was soon sent to their ports in the Republic Federation territories.

Combat Service: Edit

Evans' Rebellion: Edit

After commissioning, the Grand Federation and New State was involved in the Evans' Rebellion. Battling for Western Samoa in 2029, both brought their individual Task Forces and engaged the Rebel Fleet.

Grand Federation was then transferred to take part in the final battle, along side Republic Federation's newest Battleship, RFS Appell. Using her Air Group, the Carrier commanded land and air operations within the city.

Eventually liberating the city, the Carrier's Air Group was tasked with destroying any small remnants within the Ulster Territory.

Operation Didact: Edit

New State was involved in a major campaign along side 65 ships, including the pride of the Navy, RFS Appell and RFS Young. The Carrier acted as the command ship once again, using her air group to gain the advantage alongside the navy.

Hours later, the Carrier commanded ground forces as they raided the Leaf Village, using her AH-1 Cobras to assist ground forces.

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