Khans-Rokkenjima War
Eva-Beatrice Wallpaper
Date January 19 - January 21, 2016
Casus belli "Defending a comrade."
Result Ended
Rokkenjima victory
Preceded by
Golden Witch War
Rokkenjima Eva-Beatrice Flag Rokkenjima Mongolia Flag Khans

Rokkenjima Eva-Beatrice Flag Eva-Beatrice
Golden and Endless Witch

Mongolia Flag Ghenz

Casualties and losses
6,701 soldiers
220 tanks
70.09 infrastructure
8,292 soldiers
331 tanks
1 ship
The Khans-Rokkenjima War was a short war fought between the nations of Khans (ruled by Khan Ghenz) and Rokkenjima (ruled by the Golden and Endless Witch Eva-Beatrice).

The conflict began on the 19th of January 2016 when Rokkenjima declared war on the nation of Khans. The move was in defense of a comrade in the Serene Sakura Union who had been raided by Khans just a day prior. The first battle of the war saw a naval attack by Rokkenjima upon Khans to neutralize the nation's navy. The war continued with little resistance from Khans as Rokkenjima achieved 6 consecutive immense triumphs in ground battles in the cities of Karakorum and KorraKarum.

The conflict was concluded on the 21st of January 2016 when Rokkenjima achieved its sixth consecutive immense triumph in ground battles.

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