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Kastor's Karma War
Date 21-28 January 2018
Casus belli Logs of the leader of Assassins Order, Kastor, plotting to attack Knights Templar and betray Bad Company.
Result White Peace
Preceded by
Compass War
Succeeded by
The Parti Rep Conflict
Knights Templar Flag.jpg
Knights Templar

Bad Company Flag 2.png
Bad Company

Assassin Order Flag.png
Assassin Order

Knights Templar Flag.jpg Theodosius
Knights Templar Flag.jpg Keegoz
Knights Templar Flag.jpg Vladamir Putin
Bad Company Flag 2.png DemonSpawn
Bad Company Flag 2.png HannaH

Assassin Order Flag.png Kastor

110 nations
264,250.28 score
41 nations
64,961.99 score

Kastor's Karma War was a conflict which began on 21st January 2018, when Knights Templar and Bad Company declared war on Assassins Order after plots were revealed against them.

Knights Templar have launched 71 wars against Assassin Order, while Bad Company launched 21. In response, Assassin Order launched 14 wars against Knights Templar and 26 against Bad Company.

All wars ended by 28th January. Combatants have agreed to sign white peace after the first round. By the end of the conflict Assassin Order has lost approximately half of their score and most of their military forces.

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