Kaguya is a character in the Politics & War roleplay universe. She is the first wife of Cheonsa, the Emperor of Amenria.

Background Edit

Born from a Japanese human father and a Korean imoogi mother, Kaguya lived in Japan until she was 12. She moved to South Korea later in her life. She attended an art school, where she and her friend auditioned for a record company. Kaguya was accepted as a trainee and spent her after school hours training to become an idol. At the age of 16, she made her debut in a South Korean girl group which became very popular, especially among young men such as Cheonsa, whom she met several years later, when he worked in an entertainment company. They soon fell in love with each other and got married when Kaguya was 23.

It was not until she was 46 when she gave birth to her first child, The Prince, due to her imoogi physiology which gave her difficulty in reproduction.

Appearance Edit

In her human form, Kaguya is a petite, East-Asian woman with long hair styled in a princess-cut. She has a round face and a small nose. She is often see wearing a dress.

Her dragon form is that large, blue, serpentine being.

Personality Edit

According to her husband, Kaguya is calm, polite, modest and shy.

Powers and abilities Edit

Aquakinesis and Cryokinesis Edit

Kaguya can control and manipulate water and ice, both consciously and unconsciously (the latter shown in how her water shield works, which instantly shields her from danger without her even trying, much like Gaara's Absolute Defence in Naruto).

Animal handling Edit

Kaguya can command and communicate with wolves, birds, bears, snakes and horses.

Dragon form Edit

By assuming her dragon form, Kaguya gains the following abilities:

Flight Edit

Enhanced Strength Edit

Enhanced Speed Edit

Enhanced Durability Edit

Immunity to diseases Edit

Kaguya is immune to all earthly diseases.

Longevity Edit

Like all imoogi, she has a longer lifespan than humans.

Quotes Edit

 I'm your wife, of course I'll always be by your side! I'll always support you in your goal of cleansing the world of evil! 
(Kaguya's Pledge of Allegiance)

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Trivia Edit

  • Unlike her husband, her fighting style is mostly defensive, mostly due to her fragile human form.
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