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Treaty Type: MDP
Treaty Signed: April 12, 2019 - February 23, 2020
Treaty Status: Defunct

KETOG Sphere was a political sphere of alliances made up of Knights TemplarEmpyrea, The Golden Horde, Oblivion, Grumpy Old Bastards, and Guardian. The sphere was a major player in Surf's Up and NPO's Last Time.  

The sphere spent 271 of its just 317 days of existence fighting in two separate global conflicts. 


The sphere formed on May 5, 2018, when The Golden Horde and Knights Templar signed an MDP. The sphere continued to grow, adding Emprea on 14 August 2018, Guardian and Grumpy Old Bastards on 12 April 2019, and Oblivion shortly after. With no official sphere or bloc name up until this point, people began referring to it by the initials of the alliances involved.

The sphere initiated the global war titled Surf's Up against Chaos Bloc in May of 2019. Simultaneous to the conclusion of Surf's Up, the sphere declared war on The Covenant, starting NPO's Last Time.  

At the conclusion of NPO's Last Time, the sphere ceased existence. It was officially noted in the disbandment announcement of The Golden Horde. Guardian and Grumpy Old Bastards continued to be aligned following the disbandment of the sphere.