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KECC Reunion Party
Part of the Alliance Wars
August 11, 2021 - August 17, 2021
Duration: 6 Days
Casus belli
KT Raids
Result White Peace
  • KT returns to regular raiding *Inadvertently causes Global War 522
Preceded by
Ace of Diamonds
Succeeded by
Error 522

Knights Templar Flag.jpg
Knights Templar

Chocolate Castle
The Legion
Eclipse Flag.gif
The Company Flag.png
The Company
House Stark Second Flag.jpg
House Stark
Order of the White Rose New Flag.png
Order of the White Rose
The Syndicate Flag.png
The Syndicate
Oblivion Second Flag.jpg
BG Flag.png
Blankie Gang


Knights Templar Flag.jpg Horsecock
Knights Templar Flag.jpg Denison

CCflag.png Lossi
D84ab168ba31e54eca54bcf7d815804e75725287293.png totem
Eclipse Flag.gif Pascal
The Company Flag.png Patrick Stewart
House Stark Second Flag.jpg Zygon
Order of the White Rose New Flag.png Sval
The Syndicate Flag.png Gray
Oblivion Second Flag.jpg Ockey5
BG Flag.png Zei-Sakura Alsainn

Casualties and losses
$16.9b $48.6b

KECC's Reunion Party is a war that started when Knights Templar blitzed Chocolate Castle and The Legion on August 11th 2021. They would then later blitz former KECC bloc members Eclipse and The Company, which would bring in BlackWater.


August 11th, 2021

August 14th, 2021

August 15th, 2021

  • The Syndicate begins hitting Knights Templar