The group KAZI (Kamikaze Assault on Zabernism Intentions) was founded in the Hawaiian Islands (now [1]The Islands of Aloha) as an extremist group to fight the US army in The Hawaiian Wars of Independence. It was founded by Frank Kiezlav on 14th September 1982. It's members consisted of mainly agents from Hawaii but has operatives from and in multiple countries across the world although they are mostly active in the pacific. Their full name is The Order Of The KAZI Moon. The group is extremely communist supportive due to Frank Kiezlav being Korean-Russian.


CommunistHawai Flag of KAZI

(Unconfirmed) Frank Kiezlav
Founder of No Alliance
Basic Information
Founded 14th September 1982
Color Green
National Statistics
Government Type Communist Communist
Economy Left Left
Area Unknown mi²
Military Strength
Infantry 80-7000
Tanks Unknown
Aircraft Unknown
Ships Unknown
Nuclear Warheads Unknown
National Capital Honolulu
Other Cities Unknown

Foundation Edit

KAZI was founded as a guerrilla group to hit and run US controlled authorities in Hawaii after police killed 12 in a peaceful protest. They then developed into an militia group to fight the US forces during The Hawaiian Wars for Indepndence although the large majority of the troops fighting the US troops were from Kazahtistan. After Hawaii got its independence the group turned into a spy network which now is underground but often resurface to liberate different islands in the pacific. Some agents still work as the spy net work for Aloha (liberated Hawaii).

Frank Kiezlav Edit

Frank Kiezlav was born 1st May 1949 near the Russian-North Korean border. He moved to Japan when he was 9 where he joined the Yakuza at the age of 17. He frequently moved back and forth to Hawaii as a drug smuggler until he lost a large amount of cocaine. He informed the FBI about the smuggling ring and then went into whitnesss protection. He became a politician which lead to him to become the main supporting factor of the Hawaiian independence. He became Governor until he was assassinated by the CIA on Christmas Day 1987. He was assassinated when he was in Hilo

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