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Justice Department War on Piracy
Date 05-10 May 2015
Casus belli Arrgh piracy
Result White Peace
Preceded by
Arrgh War on Crime
Succeeded by
Great VE War

Justice Department Flag.png
Justice Department

Arrgh Flag.png

Rose Flag.png


Justice Department Flag.png Micheal Malone

Arrgh Flag.png Ogaden
Rose Flag.png Abbas
Rose Flag.png Pubstomper

The Justice Department War on Piracy was a conflict which started on May 5, 2015 when the Justice Department declared a war on piracy and launched attacks on Arrgh nations. Two members of Rose - Adama and Pubstomper - assisted Arrgh and declared war on a member of the Justice Department. After a week of war, the Justice Department unilaterally declared their mission was accomplished and they were ending the war. Arrgh later agreed to the proposed end of hostilities and Rose members also ceased attacks.

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