Crown of Jose

Joseanity first appeared when the knight, Jose Castrejon, led the rebellion against the once corrupted country known as Tatenda, he crowned himself King, and establish the Kingdom of Elementia. He has brought unity within the Kingdom of Elementia and has promised peace within Orbis once the top 50 alliances convert to Joseanity and accept the word of Jose. Some people say he is a God reincarnated waiting to show his true power, others say he is just the cooler version of Jesus. Whatever he is we do know one thing for sure, He has united The North Western South Region of the Far East

Other Info Edit

Something somewhat unique about the religion is its choice of an anthem. A song many have tried, failed, and gone mad trying to decipher, even modern church leaders sing it proudly without a clue as to what it means, We warn you, listening may be to much for your mortal ears...

Disciples of Jose Edit

  • Jester
  • Sanders
  • Muertos II
  • Scholar
  • Harp
  • Vladimir Streka
  • Peter Jackson

Sacred Disciples Edit

  • Sapphiresect
  • Sefor
  • Yaneliz

"For Jose loved Orbis so much, he gave his only nukelele, so that all the people that believed in him, didn't perish but lived long within Orbis"-Jose 1:45

20 Mitzvahs Edit

1.      Thou shall not steal just raid

2.      Thou shall destroy anyone who takes the name of Jose in vain

3.      Thou shall not offend thy God

4.      Thou shall not worship any other God

5.      Remember to keep the holy day, 6 days you may be in war but the 7th day, you nor, your allies, nor your alliance, nor your bloc shall attack anyone on this day.

6.      Thou shall state your reason for war to be “Convert to Joseanity”

7.      Honor your mother and father

8.      Thou shall not spy

9.      Thou shall not commit heresy

10.   Thou shall not attack any nation that follows Joseanity

11.   Thou shall protect thy brothers and sisters

12.   Thou shall defend thy brothers and sisters

13.   Thou shall not spread false rumors

14.   Thou shall not provoke war with any peaceful alliance

15.   Thou shall not trade with the ones who insult Jose's name

16.   Thou shall not be allied with the ones who insult Jose's name

17.   Thou shall convert the enemy

18.   Thou shall love everyone

19.   Thou shall play the Ukulele

20.   Thou shall play the Nukulele

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