Joel Ryan
Term April 26, 2016 - Present
current alliance:

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Leader Grand Master
Past Alliance(s)
Alliance: Solitude
Government and Titles: Consul of Foreign Affairs
Born: September 9, 1982
Stanley, Falkland Islands
Occupation: President
Religion: Christian

Ryan's Early Life Edit

Joel Ryan was born September 9th, 1982 in Stanley, Falkland Islands. He attended Stanley High School and graduated in 2000. Ryan never attended college as he was persuaded to travel to countries such as Argentina, United Kingdom, and Brazil to gain knowledge of all of those countries' history. He returned a different man in 2014 and established a job in the local city government of Stanley.


Joel Ryan's Leadership and Presidency Edit

Ryan was on the Falkland Islands when the first nuclear bombs were dropped in 2016, marking the beginning of World War 3. Joel Ryan quickly took the leadership role and ensued the peoples trust as the current government of the Falkland Islands were Stanley's city government as they were the biggest city on the Islands. Months passed by as the Falkland Islands had no connection to the outside world. Ryan lead everybody and they only saw it fair as they heard the outside world was decimated that he was to lead them. Joel Ryan established the Falkland Republic on April 26th, 2016.

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