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The Jinwu (金烏, jīnwū) is an Amenrian airborne supercarrier in the Politics & War Roleplay Universe.

Description Edit

The Jinwu, named after a legendary Chinese bird, is one of the best carriers and aircraft in the Imperial arsenal. As a heavy command cruiser, the Jinwu was designed to act as a mobile base and long-range attack asset. Physically resembling a giant manta ray, the girth of the Jinwu forces it to operate as a seaplane, as conventional take-off would be impossible. The aircraft houses an internal hangar bay with CATOBAR systems accomodated for carrier aircraft operations. A small helipad rests on top of the rear hangar entrance.

It has several weapons, including AA guns to shoot down any interceptors which try to destroy it, cruise missiles than can engage ground and air targets, as well as point defence lasers to destroy incoming missiles.

Assessment Edit

Pros Edit

  • Heavy armour
  • Capable of destroying enemy aircraft easily
  • Can fight on sea and air

Cons Edit

  • Unable to take off/land on ground
  • Large size makes it easy to spot

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It is based on the P-1112 Aigaion from Ace Combat
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