Rise Of Jenosism Edit

Jenosism is a religion founded by General Hurlston in 1997 when he as a normal human came upon the body of the creator "Jenova", when he came upon the body an organization known as SOLDIER abducted him and renamed him Sephiroth, erasing his memory and infusing him with cells of Jenova to make him a powerful genetically enhanced human with powers and abilities beyond the understanding of normal humans.

After 5 years of serving SOLDIER, Sephiroth once again stumbled upon the body of Jenova. She then used the cells in Sephiroth's body to communicate with him and explained what the humans had done to her when she had arrived in this world as a creator and wanted to assist them.

After learning this Sephiroth angered singlehandedly destroyed all of SOLDIER and killed all the humans in the 2 towns near the military facility, Jenova was not happy with what Sephiroth had done and spoke to him again.

Enlightened Sephiroth begged forgiveness and recreated the military base for Jenova, he addressed her as Mother as she was the creator of everything.

After the base was reconstructed Sephiroth left to seek strong followers that had the potential to serve Mother with all their respect and might, in his quest he came across 3 people known as; Loz, Yazoo & Kadaj.

Obtaining allies he let them embrace Mother and Genetically enhanced their bodies so that they too can feel and hear Mother.

Once the 3 were faithful followers of Mother, Sephiroth ordered them to search for people to embrace the touch of Mother, he himself returned to Union CentroAmericana to rule it and let the people see the light, after many years of hard work and reeducating the population all 100% of the populace was genetically enhanced and the whole country had converted to the Jenosist religion.

Out of all the people who embrace the Jenosist religion there is a small cult within it known as the Followers of Mother, they are the people that can directly speak to Mother and they are the ones that lead the country, industries and military.

Now that the Jenosist have finally converted all of the people within their own country they look outward towards the horizon in what is known as the Jenosist Campaign of enlightenment, they now seek to convert all the non believers into the mighty embrace of Mother.

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