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This Phot is of Jefferson Lee Davis, The father of our beautiful nation. His son closely resembles this picture to a "T"

He is tall, well built, and has flowing jet black hair. Exiled after the American Civil War, he traveled to Europe where he took the lessons of politics he had learned. He soon learned to speak French, German, and Italian fluently, and somehow maintained his amazing Virginian accent the whole time. He lived many years and eventually died of old age. But, his son, Jefferson Lee Davis, who simply went by his father's name, also took after politics, eventually learning 7 languages. Tho he couldn't have his father's beautiful accent, Davis could grow up with the political teachings of Europeans who had seen it all and take lessons from his father. Davis would grow up and serve in the British Royal Marines during the first World war at only 15 years old, he became a Major by the time he was 17. After the war, he went into farming, but with the economy failing, he was forced to leave the country to find work and he traveled to France which was flourishing. He then traveled to England in 1932 and would eventually serve in that army as a Colonel in British intelligence. After the war, Davis Jr. decided he had seen enough of the world and decided to settle down and raise a family So he moved to the outskirts of Dublin Ireland and worked his own farm. Davis Died in august of 1976, and his son, Jefferson Montgomery Davis, Or Jefferson Davis the third, was enthralled by the Irish rebellion because of Britain's invasion in 1969, he was deeply angered, so in January of 1970, at the age of 22, he left the British Air Force and imediately picked up a gun and joined the IRA, and fought side by side with the proud Irish People. His father, though sadend by the conflict, supported his son and did whatever possible such as donating food and raw materials. After his father's death, JD decided to move to the farm and maintain a cover, after 6 years of fighting, JD was getting to old to be a grunt, he continued supplying the fight but wanted more, by getting his wife to run the farm, JD managed to work in a leadership role in the IRA. And once again, a Davis was leading a rebel army. As time past, Davis was rising through the ranks and was named General of the IRA in 1983, and upon the British retreat in 1999, he was unanimusly elected as the Irish President and has held office since. Today, Jefferson Davis the third still just wishes to be addressed the same way his grandfather was, as President Davis. President Davis now leads the very conservative republic and wishes nothing more than to improve the quality of life for his people and all peoples.
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