Jane Rose-Duval is the current and first Supreme Lady and one of the founding members of Court Sevelia, which would later become known as the Rose Kingdom.

Jane´s path to becoming the first Supreme Lady was filled with hardships and obstacles, precisely a local warlord who claimed the lands as his, who quickly become the main obstacle for Court Sevelia, a group of freedom seeking people including a young Jane, who had great difficulties fighting the superior warriors of the warlord.

Jane gained popularity in the group by devising plans for dealing with the warriors, which not only led to defeat of the warlord, but the unanimous decision of the group´s highest members to declare Jane the leader of Rose Kingdom, the successor to the Warlord´s reign, established by Court Sevelia.

Jane has been the Supreme Lady of Rose Kingdom ever since.

Ever since the War of Independence, Jane has been active a singer, releasing a couple of song mostly inspired by her painful past, under the alias Wolfie.

Jane has been made a honorable member of the Royal Duval Family in 2019, mere weeks after giving birth to her daughter and heir Deputy Lady Catherine Rose, who´s "father" is Coltyna Aldridge, a formerly unknown lover of the Supreme Lady.

The engagement of Jane Rose-Duval and Coltyna Aldridge has been publicly announced just short of the reveal of Coltyna.

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