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Early Life

Jack Mcfloyd was born in July 23 1979. In his youth Jack was a quiet boy, he like books and thinking, he was a excellent student, getting Plenty of A's his favorite subject being History. Unfortunately there where many kids who could not go to school so on the weekends he taught the kids who could not go to school, In his teens years he found out about the The Union of States and socialism.


In 1999 at the age of 20 he was elected president of the city state New DC and he promised he would take over the old government territory he renamed the nation the new union of states, improve there lives and democracy, he has a current created a non aggression pact with Khevin, he has join UPN, Took over New York City and renamed it New New York City, and raided nation for money for his nation, and rapidly improve his nations military and education. He hopes to works on commerce.


Jack Mcfloyd is a tall man 6'7 and 120 lb. He is 20 years old and he is always wearing a suit, he has messy hair, blue eyes and brown hair. He speaks with a loud and power voice.