Iveta Zivanovic

Iveta Zivanovic is the current Comrade Executive of the Socialist Workers State of Blanovalia.

History Edit

Zivanovic's first steps into politics were as an anti-state terrorist fighting the Blavosladt government. The organization of which she was a member, Mestovnika, successfully carried out the assassination of Emperor Winczyslaw Novikov. However, after this apparent victory, Zivanovic was dismayed to find that it changed nothing. A new Emperor stepped up to the throne, and capitalism continued as normal.

This is when Iveta began her reading into Karl Marx and Caspar Buchtel. She began to understand that it would be collective proletarian action that could defeat the Empire, not individual terrorists. Her and some likeminded revolutionaries started up socialist discussion groups across the country which eventually transformed into agitational activist groups. During the Volniki War of the 60s, these small groups formed into Solidarity, the group that is now known as the Revolutionary Workers Party (RRP). They led huge student demonstrations against the war, which inspired the unions to get on board. Radoslawa Cisek, Stoyko Kolarov, and Iveta Zivanovic became important leaders of Solidarity in this time. Their actions convinced the unions (especially the Construction Workers Union) to take up questions of politics.

Solidarity wouldn't become a mass party until the Two Decades War in 1997. Working class struggle reached heights that hadn't been seen since the Commune in 1910. When Caspar Buchtel's Czerdak Socialist Party betrayed the workers to reformism and war credits, Solidarity stayed true to communist struggle. It became the Revolutionary Workers Party (RRP) once the worker's councils were formed to resist the occupation by general strike. Then, along with Cisek, Zivanovic organized the first women's march and sparked a revolution.

The occupation was overthrown within days and the councils took power over most workplaces, the Emperor dethroned. A new bourgeois parliament arose, but even that couldn't stop the RRP and the councils. It was Iveta Zivanovic's theory and leadership which helped the councils to realize that they could not trust the parliament and that the workers had to finally seize state power themselves.

Now Iveta Zivanovic is the Comrade Executive of the new Socialist State. She is overseeing a 1 month transitional government before the first workers election. Her most significant action as executive has been to form the International Communist Organization, which is dedicated to spreading the revolution beyond Blanovalia.

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