International Treasury

Politics & War Flag Flag of International Treasury

James Paul Warburg
Emperor Paul Warburg
Member of Nuclear Knights
Basic Information
Founded October 10, 2014
Color Pink
National Statistics
Government Type Federal Republic Federal Republic
Social Policies Moderate Moderate
Economic Policies Moderate Moderate
Pollution 0 points
Currency Bitcoin
GDP $23,815,593,159.10
Civilians 7,002,649
Area 60,000 mi²
Avg. Pop. Density 116.71 people per mi²
Military Strength
Score 3,870.00
Infantry 0
Tanks 15,000
Aircraft 900
Ships 0
Spies N/A
National Capital Athens
Other Cities Rome, New York, Jerusalem, Berlin, Acres, Panama, Cairo, Stalingrad, Zurich, Forbes, Baghdad, Pyongyang, Saigon, Las Vegas, Bank Capital, Gas Steal, TBAPW, Tba02, Foxborough

Founded on 10/10/2014, International Treasury (formerly Madagascar) is now an established nation. The economy is built on commerce and gasoline, however, it produces other resources. Currently, International Treasury has the following projects: Bauxiteworks, Center for Civil Engineering, Emergency Gasoline Reserve, Intelligence Agency, International Trade Center, Iron Dome, Ironworks, Mass Irrigation, Nuclear Research Facility, Uranium Enrichment Program, and Vital Defense System

International Treasury has built its military since its last devastating war, losing over 3/4 of its infrastructure, population, and even losing money per turn damaged the economy forever. It took three weeks to recover. 

International Treasury has been in several alliances. Its first was Ignis Imortales, where it became acquainted with Morgan Fraser. In just a few weeks, Ignis Imortales revoked Morgan's membership. At the time, International Treasury disagreed with the decision and would make the Imperial of Scotland and eventually Imperial Cavalry of Exorbitance. The Imperial of Scotland fell apart from a combination of a negative view from the foreign affairs and a thief inside the alliance that stole the bank, thus removing any possible trade possibilities it did have. Imperial Cavalry of Exorbitance almost followed the same fate. The members within the alliance, which overall was frowned upon, created embargoes from various of nations. Soon, an attempted clean house was attempted, but that would fail due to a following war. After the fall of ICE, International Treasury joined the Celestial Union, but due to their high tax rates and the lack of money to go around, International Treasury would leave within a week. An attempt to join the Green Protection Agency was not followed through due to a lack of a response. International Treasury would soon embargo the GPA for "False Neutrality". Within days, International Treasury successfully joined the United Purple Nations, where it lasted for several months before leaving due to a damaged relationship from initial disagreements of a major war. It subsequently joined The Light Federation, where it served as Secretary of Defense. International Treasury is currently a member of the Nuclear Knights

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