International Revolution

International Revolution Flag.png
Flag of International Revolution

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Basic Details
Founded June 22, 2015
Headquarters Europe
Color Red
Status Defunct
Command eQna8
As of November 15, 2017
Total Nations 2
Score 673.88
Average Score 336.94
Alliance Rank 100
Active Blocs
Active Treaties

The International Revolution is a Red Alliance. It was founded back in the summer of 2015 by Xenodolf. The International Revolution is the oldest communist alliance in Orbis.


The International Revolution government is controlled by the Command and the Orgburo. The Orgburo and command decides what actions that need to be taken. The Orgburo maintains the alliance while Command takes control of alliance affairs. The Orgburo may also enact laws but must be approved by Command.


The alliance was first created by Xenodolf in the summer of 2015. A few months later the alliance leaders declared war on United Purple Nations and a alliance war broke that soon became know as Other War. The War ended with a white truce. few more months down the road and problems began to surface within the alliance. Many of the members left and only two members remained there for a long while. March 13, 2017 was the day that changed the International Revolution for a short time. Due to problems rising within The Global Union refugees from the alliance asked to join the alliance and were accepted in and soon became permanent members of the alliance.

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