ISF was created by Kitov, Python, Kirby and New Reakippy. These four members were originally members of Unforgiven Legion but Kitov and Python came up with the idea to create their own alliance, with Kirby and Reakippy joining them. We got a prot with Aurora <3. We lasted about 3 months or something. ISF was then disbanded with its gov members merging into low tier gov of Aurora <3. ISF was just a little micro made by a group of friends, according to the side over here ------------------------------------------> we had 8 members but i dont remember how accurate that is.

As of June 8 2020, Kitov is Head of MA for Aurora, Python is Service Coordinator of FA (basically just an assistant for ToxicPepper <3), and Reakippy is Staff Officer of IA (which is the rank below Service Coord). After 2 weeks or something, can't remember that long ago, Kirby decided to move back to Unforgiven Legion, he just felt more at home there.

tl;dr ISF was made by 4 guys after leaving UL, after 3 months, give or take, ISF merged into Aurora <3.

- Made by Python with little effort, June 8 2020.

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