Incredible Manas
Incredible Manas
Political Information
Position: King
Nation: The State Of Raise Odisha
Inauguration: 16Th June 2015
Government: Republic
Social Policies: Moderate
Economic Policies: Far Left

Incredible Manas Edit

Incredible Manas commonly known as Manas, is an Indian emperor of the Kanyakubja Brahmins Dynasty who is ruling almost all of the Indian subcontinent . One of India's greatest emperors, Manas reign over a realm that stretched from Madhyapradesh to the modern state of Bangladesh in the east. It cover almost the eastern part of Indian subcontinent except parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The empire's capital is Kalinga, with provincial capitals at City Of Queen Limu and King Manas's Palace.

Manas's early life Edit

Manas is born to the Kanyakubja Brahmins emperor Dhaneswar and of his wife Namita. He is the grandson of Yadumani, founder of Kanyakubja Brahmins Dynasty.

Rise to power Edit

A minister named Radhagupta seems to have played an important role in Manas's rise to the throne. The Royal history book recounts Radhagupta's offering of an old royal elephant to Manas for him to ride to the Garden of the Gold Pavilion where King Dhaneswar would determine his successor. Radhagupta later appointed prime minister by Manas once he had gained the throne.

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